गजब के जादू 😆😆 || Sab LOol Hai || Funny Magahi Dubbing #Shorts | magadhi comedy video | अपन मिथिलांगन

magadhi comedy video | गजब के जादू 😆😆 || Sab LOol Hai || Funny Magahi Dubbing #Shorts | अपन मिथिलांगन

Subscribe For More Videos Contact for promotion:-sabloolhaibusiness@gmail.comFollow on Instagram:-Follow on Facebook :-Thank You 💖 #funnydubbing #magahi #hollywoodVideo Credit – @viralhog MOVIE:-#funnydubbing #magahi #sabloolhai #shortsNote- This Video Is For Entertainment PurposeCONTENT DISCLAIMER Copyright Disclaimer under Section 52 (1)(a)(ii) of the Copyright Act, 1957. Certain Scenes have been taken from movies which are the copyright material of others for the purpose of ENTERTAINMENT, We do not claim any copyright ownership on those scenes, the work in its entirety belongs to only Sab LOolHai and is subject to rights and licence for reproduction of the content. Section 52 of the Copyright act embodies certain acts not to be considered as Infringement. Section 52 (1)(a)(ii) reads as follows: The following acts shall not constitute an infringement of copyright, namely:- criticism or review, whether of that work or of any other work. This video and our YouTube channel in general may contain certain copyrighted work that were not specifically authorized to be used by the copyrighted holder(s) but which we believe in good faith are protected by Indian law and Doctrine of fair use, this video is a parody of the movie, which is considered as FAIR USE under the preview of Sec 52 of the Copyright act and therefore THIS VIDEO IS NOT AN INFRINGEMENT OF ANY COPYRIGHT.
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