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Point & Rank : Utilizing Points on Apan Mithilangan

Becoming an Affiliate Marketer

At Apan Mithilangan, we highly encourage active participation and content creation. Members can open their own shop on the portal by using 50,000 points. This feature allows you to become an affiliate marketer, showcasing and promoting external or affiliate products directly on our platform.

Content Creation and Sponsorship

With a strong emphasis on content creation, sharing, and viewing, each post made by a member will feature a sponsor. To sponsor a post with your own brand from your hosted store on the portal, it costs 100,000 points. This setup not only engages the community but also seamlessly promotes your brand as an affiliate marketer.

Categories and Point Costs

Certain categories on Apan Mithilangan will require points to publish articles. For example:

  • Advertisement (विज्ञापन): It costs 1,000 points to post an advertisement in this category.

The costs associated with publishing in specific categories may vary, and the admin will announce any updates. This dynamic system ensures clarity and keeps the point requirements current.

Key Benefits

  • Open a Shop: Use 50,000 points to become an affiliate marketer and open your own shop on the portal.
  • Sponsorship: Each post can be sponsored with your own brand from your shop, costing 100,000 points.
  • Affiliate Marketing: Leverage the platform for affiliate marketing by showcasing external or affiliate products through your shop.
  • Category Costs: Certain categories require points to publish articles. Admin announcements will keep you informed about any changes.

By understanding and effectively using the point system, you can maximize your experience on Apan Mithilangan, whether through content creation, brand promotion, or affiliate marketing. Happy selling!

Member and Post Ranking System on Apan Mithilangan

Member Ranking System

Member Titles and Points

RankTitleMinimum PointsMaximum Points

Its Takes 50000 Points To Activate Seller/Vendor/Shop On Portal

And 100000 Points To Reflect Sponsor On Posts/Article/Content

Post Ranking System

Post Ranking Metrics

MetricMinimum Views
Minimal Popular Score200 Views
Minimal Hot Score400 Views
Minimal Trending Score600 Views

Point System on Portal

Points for User Activities

RegistrationX points
AnniversaryX points
Daily VisitsX points
LoginsX points
Viewing ContentX points
Publishing Content (Post/Product)X points
CommentsX points
Clicking on LinksX points
Viewing VideosX points

Points for Content Engagement

Reaching Views Milestones on Single PostX points
Post Single View UpX points
Upvote/DownvoteX points

Points for Views and Votes

Every X ViewsX points
Every X Views in CategoriesX points
Every X VotesX points

Points for Trending Posts

Type of PostPoints
Hot PostX points
Popular PostX points
Trending PostX points

Points for Profile Activities

New Profile ActivityX points
New Profile Avatar UploadX points
New Profile Cover UploadX points
Product ReviewsX points


This Member and Post Ranking System is designed to encourage active participation and meaningful contributions on Apan Mithilangan. By earning points through various activities and milestones, members can progress through different ranks, enhancing their engagement and recognition within the community.

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