हगना भिखारी // PART 2 // Maithili Comedy 2023 // | मैथिली कॉमेडी | अपन मिथिलांगन

मैथिली कॉमेडी | हगना भिखारी // PART 2 // Maithili Comedy 2023 // | अपन मिथिलांगन

Please like comment N share this video. Don’t forget to subscribe the channel. //.Thankyou //Follow our Facebook page for More information :Follow On Instagram for More Information :Actor : Ishika , Laduwa ,Piphi, Athiba , Ansha , Mansha , Golgappa , Dhimki Director : Arun Vijaiya Editor/CC : Sanzay Bhujel Story : Arun vijaiya Camera: Dipak yadav#maithilicomedy #ishikacomedy #laduwacomedy #piphicomedy#maithilicomedyvideo #newmaithilicomedyvideo #ishikabhujelmaithilicomedy #laduwamaithilicomedy #maugiyahabacomedy #maugiyahabamaithilicomedy #newmaugiyahabamaithilicomedy #piphicomedy #newpiphimaithilicomedy #abhinashjhamaithilicomedy [Musik] R [Musik] is last umed bet bet last umed h h power g g Me G me g g GOR CH r r j ke J pura to G Mei nalayak Pais J kutta ret [Tepuk tangan] [Musik] [Tepuk tangan] [Musik] rup r r Raj J phone Dun [Musik] [Musik] B [Tertawa] [Tepuk tangan][Tertawa] Raj [Musik] r [Tepuk tangan] [Tepuk tangan] r [Musik] [Tertawa] [Musik] ret [Tepuk tangan] [Musik] k ta [Tepuk tangan] Saman b b b b secr lag ret lag AG Din Post Mar foreign
#हगन #भखर #PART #Maithili #Comedy

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