The Indian Farmer : Essay For Primary Kids

The Farmer: A Pillar of Our Society and Steward of the Land

The Indian Farmer Essay For Primary Kids

The Indian Farmer : Essay For Primary Kids

India is land of cultivators. The man who carries on cultivation work is called a farmer. He cultivates field, tills the soil and sows seeds. He toils with his land throughout the year and in all seasons.

He lives a simple life and puts on a simple dress. He keeps only a dhoti up to the knees and a napkin. Sometimes he keeps a stick in his hand. He takes simple food, and so he is healthier than men of town. He keeps bullocks, cows and calves. The cow gives him milk and the bullock ploughs his field.

Though he is poor, he is contented with his lot. He lives with his family. Sometimes he works in the fields during the rains and sometimes under the hot rays of the sun. His wife also goes to the field for weeding out grass and for reaping corn during harvests. He is uneducated and simple in his habits. But now he knows what is going on in the world. Often he takes loans from money-lenders on high rates of interest. So he is always under the pressure of loan. He is poor.

Everyone should think of his lot. He feeds men. His condition should be improved. He should have library where he may read papers. There should be pathshalas for his children. The Government should also help him as far as possible. He should get modern implements for doing cultivation. The Government should also arrange to advance him interest- free loan. He should be provided with good manure, good seeds and adequate irrigation facilities.

Every country has understood the importance of farmers. Now the Indian farmers are also fighting for their rights. The 'Bhoodan Movement' of Saint Vinoba and 'Bataidari Bill' aim at giving the farmers their just rights.

Sitesh Choudhary

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Sitesh Choudhary
नमस्कार मैथिल, हम छी सीतेश चौधरी। हम कंटेंट क्रिएटर छी आ डिजिटल एडवर्टाइजमेंट एजेंसीक संचालक सेहो। पत्रकारिता सऽ लगाव सेहो राखैत छी। एहि माध्यमे हमर प्रयासमे समस्त अपन मिथिलांगन परिवारक सहयोग अपेक्षित अछि। धन्यवाद।


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