[Maithili Vidyapati Song] Chandramukhi San Gauri – rajni pallavi

rajni pallavi

rajni pallavi – [Maithili Vidyapati Song] Chandramukhi San Gauri

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Chandramukhi San Gauri [ Singer : Rajni Pallavi ]
Poet: Mahakavi Vidyapati (1352-1448)
Language: Maithili
Genre: Devotional Song (Maheshvani)

गौरीक माय कहैत छथिन जे हमर बेटी गौरी चंद्रमुखी अर्थात चन्द्रमा सनक मुँह छनि आ हम सूर्य सनक जमाय करब । मुदा हमर मनोरथ भगवानो नहि बुझलनि आ बुढ़ बर आबि गेल । एहि बर के हम हड़ी मे ठोका देबनि आओर बनसार मे बान्हि देबनि । गौरी कानि कानि क’ चिट्ठी लिखाबैत छथीन जे महादेवक कोन अपराध छनि । हमरा करम मे एहने वर लिखल छल, लिखलाहा नहि मेटायत छैक । विद्यापति कहैत छथिन जे हे मनाइन सुनू जे लिखल छैक ओ नहि मेटायत छैक ।


Shiva does not seek to defy or deny the value of cultural rules, rites and rituals. He is simply ignorant of them. He is not a rebel; he is simple and pure. This is most evident during the marriage of Shiva and Parvati.

Parvati insists that Shiva come to her house like a groom and ask her father for her hand in marriage. When her mother, Mena, and her sisters, step out to welcome the groom, the sight that awaits them horrifies them. Unlike normal grooms who came on a mare, Shiva comes on a bull. Instead of being draped in fine cloth and sandal paste, he comes wrapped in animal hide and smeared with ash. Instead of garlands round his neck, he has serpents. Instead of bearing a sword, he holds in his hand a trident. Music is created not by flutes but by rattle-drums. His attendants are demons and ghosts and goblins and witches, Ganas and Paramathas and Yakshas and Bhutas. They have claws and fangs and bloodshot eyes. Everyone, Shiva included, drinks bhang, narcotic hemp, not from cups but from skulls.

Parvati’s mother, Mena, is disgusted by Shiva’s uncouth form. Parvati’s sisters and aunt make fun of her. Parvati’s father, Himavan, cannot understand her daughter’s choice of husband. He is a barbarian, a wild uncouth hermit.

The Goddess realizes the tension between her father and her groom. This had happened before when she was Sati and her father was Daksha. She goes to Shiva and falls at his feet and prays to him, ‘They are not enlightened enough to understand who you are. But you are enlightened enough to understand where they come from. So only you can salvage this situation. Behave as they wish you to. Indulge them so they acknowledge and accommodate you. Only when you engage with them will they eventually realize you.’

And so, Shiva touched by Parvati’s sensitivity to him and her family, decide to indulge the world. He transforms into Somasundara, the one who is beautiful as the moon. Stripped of the ash and the snakes and the anima hide, smeared with perfumes and covered with silks, he is the most handsome man anyone has ever seen, graceful and lithe, regal in bearing. In this form, he asks the king of the mountains for Parvati’s hand in marriage. It is given. Everyone rejoices at the wedding of Shiva and Shakti.

[Maithili Vidyapati Song] Chandramukhi San Gauri – rajni pallavi

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