Independence Day : Essay For Kids

Indian Independence Day, celebrated on August 15th, marks the historic day when India gained freedom from British rule in 1947


Independence Day : Essay For Kids

We celebrate Independence Day every year. It is a red letter day in our history. It is a national festival. It falls on 15th August. It is a grand gala day for us.

The British rule came to an end on this day. India was a free land before the English came here. They came here as traders. But they became our rulers. The country was made desolate.

But the English favoured us with new education. We read British History, We read about the French Revolution, We realised its importance. We came to know the terms Liberty, Equality and Fraternity.

The Indian National Congress came into existence. Mahatma Gandhi began to lead us.
Truth and Non-violence was made basis for struggle. Subhas Chandra Bose opposed it. But Mahatma Gandhi stuck hard to it.

We sustained heavy losses. Indians were badly suppressed. But the public made noble sacrifices. We had a good number of martyrs. There was blood-shed everywhere. History can never forget it. It will be written in golden letters.

The country became free on the 15th August, 1947. The British quitted India as desired by Mahatma Gandhi. Indian people welcomed this day with rejoicings. It was a gay and colourful day. There was grand preparation for it everywhere. Every face had a gay look. Houses were decorated. The government houses were nicely decorated with festoons. There was illumination by night.

The national anthem was enchanted. Pt. Nehru unfurled the national flag at the Red Fort. There were uproars and clappings. The Indian Army boomed their guns. The Indian Navy and others saluted the flag. The national flag was hoisted everywhere. Boys enjoyed sweets. The heart of Indian people danced with delight .

The history of Independence is full of chequered chapters. It had taken great sacrifices. At last we got it. But true liberty is enjoyed only by wise men. Liberty is the most valuable thing. We must keep it. We must save it by all means. This is a memorable day. History cannot forget it. Let us prove worthy of it.

Sitesh Choudhary

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Sitesh Choudhary
नमस्कार मैथिल, हम छी सीतेश चौधरी। हम कंटेंट क्रिएटर छी आ डिजिटल एडवर्टाइजमेंट एजेंसीक संचालक सेहो। पत्रकारिता सऽ लगाव सेहो राखैत छी। एहि माध्यमे हमर प्रयासमे समस्त अपन मिथिलांगन परिवारक सहयोग अपेक्षित अछि। धन्यवाद।


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