Crowdfunding for National Award Winning Maithili Film Mithila Makhaan.

मिथिला मखान के रीलीज के लिए आपके सहयोग की ज़रूरत है l एक बार विडियो देखें l

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  1. Sir u really work hard ur dedication towards mithilanchal it reflects in ur videos as always that's y u r appreciated on a national level but when u say it is too tidious to tell about maithli language .people who run ott platform then how u can expect from other common people .or the so called politicians …. Sir if so many NGOs r running who works for animals and a plant so how no any NGOs like to promote the regional language of ours get certified as official language . Our constitution gives right to promote languages …. I can understand it is easy to comment but practical it's diffrent but one thing is sure if u r not understoodable to convience maithali on national media platform like ott then ofcourse our politican or common citizens now forget even they have a language like maithali they emphasized on english and hindi …. I hope National education policy brings change but the maithali is downfallaning day by day …. Is such embrassing … Sir y i am writing here becoz i get too many troubles also in my prepration for civil services maithali as optional teachers r making money .Even pass- out don't share too much they refer to teacher or their notes only …. So this is what the failure we r getting on national level that's y we feel proud people qualified from maithli but no one tell in brief on social media …. So if the bussiness only run maithali as schedule language gives proud only otherwise nothing we have in this era to make proud .. I hope time 'll bring change. 8877266888 is my no i really want to dedicate my life towards maithli not for maithilians.

  2. I want to say one thing now the digital media platform play a huge role in this time if we say we r lacking to promote our mithila culture in any aspect like movies song etc this is our failure only. First u have to use the authentic face icon who come to say lot about our culture to encourage on national platform . I hope we can but if u people think crowd funding or regional support is the only option then it will take decade for sure as movies like such to explore the mindset we have . so plz take advantage by the people who really appreciate it . Because the average people watch too good movies underrated but forget to say or share any single word then how u can expect who talk about specific movies ?? I hope our mithila brings change in mithilanchal.

  3. Please make sure if someone makes payment for any content it should me available for him in future so he/she can watch the content again in future. I really wanna help in all the possible way. I will donate for sure but apart from this I wanna contribute. I know Nitin by our email exchanges in past. Please ask him to get in touch with me.

  4. श्रीमान नितिन चंद्रा जी,
    स'ब सं पहिने, अहाँक कोटिशः धन्यवाद दी, जे अपने मिथिला मखान के रिलीज़ करबा के पुनः प्रयास क', हम तमाम मैथिली प्रेमी लोक कें आस आ अहाँ पर विश्वास, के आर मजगूत कएलौं। हमरा विचारें मिथिला मखानक रिलीज़, मैथिली सिनेमा में मीलक पत्थर, साबित होएत आ अही तरहक स्तरीय क्षेत्रीय सिनेमाक व्यवसायिक सम्भावना के न'ब दिशा देखाएत ।

    फिल्म देखबा लेल ह'म स'ब आँखि बिछौने छी।

    अपनेक ई crowd funding Ketto platform, closed show क' रहल अछि, कृपया गाइड करी ताकि हमहूँ सब अपन नान्हि टा मुदा ह्रदय सं, योगदान क' अनुगृहीत होय।

    मिथिला मखानक स्वागत में ठाढ़ ……..🙏

  5. मार्ग कठिन है,पर मार्ग शाश्वत ,
    वह साहसी है जो इस मार्ग पर चला है,
    और अपनी मंजिल को पाया है।
    अहा सब के बहुत बहुत बधाई , आभार और धन्यवाद करे छी, आपन सांस्कृतिक से जुडल रहे लेल और एक नया मुकाम पर स्थापित करे लेल।
    Once again congrats team @BEJOD…🙏🙏🙏🙏🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

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