Automated Proteomics Solution Boosts Research

Discover the new automated proteomics solution by SPT Labtech and Olink. This innovative technology accelerates research with unmatched accuracy and efficiency.

Automated Proteomics Solution

Automated Proteomics Solution for Unmatched Accuracy


SPT Labtech, a global leader in designing and manufacturing automated instrumentation for life science applications, and Olink Holding AB (Nasdaq: OLK), renowned for their high-throughput proteomics solutions, have jointly introduced a groundbreaking automation option. This new solution leverages the Olink® Explore HT protocol in conjunction with SPT Labtech’s firefly® liquid handling platform. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the field of proteomics, promising to accelerate research and improve accuracy.

Key Benefits of the New Automated Proteomics Solution

The integration of the Olink Explore platform with SPT Labtech’s automated liquid handling offers numerous advantages:

  • High-throughput capability: Enables large-scale proteomics studies covering crucial biological pathways.
  • Miniaturization of reactions: Allows for the use of as little as 2 µL of sample without compromising accuracy.
  • Low dead volumes: Enhances the reliability of data while conserving valuable samples.
  • Compact and versatile design: The firefly platform provides pipetting, non-contact dispensing, shaking, and temperature-controlled incubation in a benchtop footprint.

First Implementation and Future Prospects

The University of Cambridge’s Stratified Medicine Core Laboratory (SMCL) NGS Hub will be the first to develop Olink Explore protocols on the firefly platform. Ana Toribio, SMCL NGS Hub Manager, expressed excitement about this development, emphasizing its potential to enhance their research services. The addition of the firefly platform supports comprehensive NGS services, benefiting academic, clinical, and commercial organizations.

Longstanding Collaboration and Commitment to Research

This advancement builds on the existing partnership between SPT Labtech and Olink, underscoring their commitment to making proteomics technologies more accessible and cost-effective. The combined expertise of both companies aims to elevate research outcomes significantly.

Features of the Firefly Platform

The firefly platform’s design includes:

  • Pipetting and dispensing: Ensures precise liquid handling for various applications.
  • Shaking and incubation: Supports optimal reaction conditions.
  • Intuitive software operation: Simplifies the user experience.
  • Cloud-enabled collaboration: Facilitates seamless data sharing and collaboration across research teams.

Enhancing Laboratory Efficiency

The automation of the Olink Explore HT protocol on the firefly platform sets a new standard for laboratory efficiency. Researchers can now achieve high-throughput and streamlined proteomics workflows, driving meaningful research outcomes through innovative technologies.

Proven Track Record

SPT Labtech’s mosquito® LV genomics nanoliter pipettor and dragonfly® discovery liquid-class agnostic reagent dispenser are already established partners for the Olink Explore platform. Over 90 peer-reviewed papers have been published utilizing this combination, highlighting its high throughput capabilities.

The Olink Explore HT Platform

Olink Explore HT is built on the innovative Proximity Extension Assay (PEA) technology with a Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) readout. It offers:

  • Rapid measurement of proteins at scale
  • High specificity, sensitivity, and precision
  • Scalability and throughput: Essential for large-scale discovery studies.

Quotes from Industry Leaders

Joby Jenkins, Chief Technology Officer at SPT Labtech, stated: “This new automated solution illustrates our combined commitment to driving meaningful research outcomes through scientific collaboration and innovative technologies.”

Key Takeaways

  • Collaboration between SPT Labtech and Olink: Pioneering new automated solutions for proteomics.
  • First implementation at the University of Cambridge: Enhancing NGS services with firefly platform.
  • Proven reliability and efficiency: Established use of mosquito® LV and dragonfly® discovery with Olink Explore HT.


Q: What is the main benefit of the new automated proteomics solution?A: The main benefit is the combination of high-throughput capability and miniaturization of reactions, allowing for efficient and accurate large-scale proteomics studies.

Q: Where is the first implementation of this solution taking place?A: The first implementation is at the University of Cambridge’s Stratified Medicine Core Laboratory (SMCL) NGS Hub.

Q: What technologies does the firefly platform incorporate?A: The firefly platform includes pipetting, non-contact dispensing, shaking, and temperature-controlled incubation capabilities.

Q: How does the Olink Explore HT platform enhance research?A: It offers high specificity, sensitivity, and precision in protein measurement, along with the scalability needed for large-scale studies.


The collaboration between SPT Labtech and Olink heralds a new era in proteomics research. With the introduction of the automated solution incorporating the Olink Explore HT protocol and the firefly platform, researchers can look forward to unprecedented efficiency and accuracy in their studies. This innovation not only accelerates research but also promises to uncover new scientific insights, making significant strides in the field of proteomics.

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