मैथिली भगवती गीत | भगवती गीत | भद्रकाली हमर कष्ट जल्दी हरु || Goddess Kali | Bhadrakali Hamar Kasht #durga #kali

मैथिली भगवती गीत

Please Subscribe @rpmaithili @rajnipallaviSong: Bhadrakali Hamar Kasht Jaldi Haru Voice: Rajni Pallavi Genre: Devotional Song (Goddess Kali) Language: Maithiliगीत – भद्रकाली हमर कष्ट जल्दी हरु स्वर – रजनी पल्लवी शैली – भक्ति गीत (माँ काली वंदना) भाषा – मैथिलीHow To Support This Channel? ———————————————— Creating music and videos is my passion, but it’s also a costly journey. Your support means the world to me, and there are several ways you can get involved without spending a dime!1️⃣ 💰Monetary Support: If you’re able, a little financial boost goes a long way. Even a small contribution can help keep the music and videos coming. My UPI id is rpmusic@icici 2️⃣ 👍Engagement Matters: Liking, sharing, and subscribing may seem small, but they make a huge difference in reaching a wider audience. It’s like a virtual high-five! 3️⃣ 📣Spread the Love: Share your thoughts about my channel and music on social media. A heartfelt post or tweet can introduce my work to new ears. 4️⃣ 🎵Collaborate with Creativity: If you’re a content creator or musician, let’s collaborate! Together, we can make something truly amazing.Remember, your support keeps the music flowing. Let’s create something beautiful together! 🎶❤️✨Download/Streaming Links ———————————————-——— ►SMART LINK : ►JioSaavn : ►Spotify : ►Apple : ►Gaana : ►Wynk : ►Amazon Music : ►Resso :🎵 Caller Tune – Airtel, VI, Jio & BSNLEnjoy & stay connected with me ———————————————- 👉 Facebook : 👉 Instagram : 👉 Gmail : rajnipallavi@gmail.com 👉 WhatsApp : 8867750872 —————————————————————————————————
#भगवत #गत #भदरकल #हमर #कषट #जलद #हर #Goddess #Kali #Bhadrakali #Hamar #Kasht #durga #kali

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